Coronavirus Policy

Thank you for considering Bella Luna Yacht for your upcoming event and your concern with the recent events of the Coronavirus COVID-19 issues.  Please know that we at San Diego Bay Cruises are keeping abreast of the latest news and advisories of our local, state, and federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisory for “large gatherings”.  According to the CDC, “large gatherings” are those of 50 people or more.   Because we cap our yacht parties at 40 guests, we’re comfortable with continuing to host parties.  The other factor that we are taking into consideration is that our private yacht parties are just that, PRIVATE.  We do not host public ticketed cruises.  This means that our parties are gatherings of friends and families who know and trust each other to be concerned for each other’s health and risk factors.  As such, if you are comfortable being able to trust your friends, family, and colleagues in knowing that they are respectful of others safety concerns, we are currently allowing private parties to celebrate aboard Bella Luna.

Please know that we take your safety and wellness, as well as that of our Captains and crew, very seriously.  We allow our crew additional time between each charter to clean and disinfect the common areas of Bella Luna very thoroughly before boarding our guests.  Although we are also taking the Coronavirus very seriously and taking all necessary precautions to keep our guests safe, we also believe (at the moment) that we can provide a safe and fun environment for friends, families, and businesses to celebrate special occasions.  Just don’t sneeze on the Captain!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Captain John directly at 619-928-2441.