Bella Luna was a pleasure yacht purchased in 2015 and transported to San Diego by Captain John Valente who had recently retired from a long career in law enforcement and looking forward to a more fun filled "second career".

Capt. John and a team of craftsmen, contractors, and technicians spent 15 months remodeling, modifying, renovating, and customizing Bella Luna to the modern classic, fun charter yacht she is today.

She now has more deck space than the average yacht her size or larger, custom hull paint, and one of the best sound systems on the water to blast whatever kind of music to rock your party on the bay!

Bella Luna in the bay

Bella Luna is a US Coast Guard inspected and certified charter yacht. She is one of the few certified charter yachts on San Diego Bay. With your safety and comfort in mind, Captain John spared no expense to not only meet, but exceed, all safety standards set forth by the US Code of Federal Regulations for certifying charter yachts.

She's very family-friendly and has hosted everything from bachelor and bachelorette parties, to corporate events to 95th birthday parties. Bella Luna is docked at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina on Harbor Island, directly across the street from the San Diego International Airport.

Captain John

Captain John

After 22 years of service in a San Diego law enforcement career, Capt. John was fortunate enough to retire at a young 44 years old. Still being young, and an entrepreneurial spirit, he was looking for another pass time besides sitting on his front porch yelling at neighborhood kids to, "Get off my lawn!"

Capt. John started his yacht charter business with his first yacht, Antonina, which he originally just intended to enjoy with friends and family, especially his three young sons. After building a small website to charter Antonina to offset expenses, calls and inquiries flowed in and John discovered a new career!

Bella Luna is Capt. John's second of three boats that he owns and operates for private charters in addition to Antonina and Raven. Because of his creativity, and always wanting to accommodate his customers, Capt. John has developed San Diego Bay Cruises where he also represents approximately 25 other yachts around San Diego Bay available for private charters. So now, if he can't host your party aboard Bella Luna, Antonina, or Raven, Capt. John can assist in accommodating any party up to 1200 guests on any of his partner yachts. But for those who are able to get booked aboard Bella Luna, you're in for a fantastic and memorable time!