Burials at Sea with Bella Luna Yacht

Please allow us to extend our condolences for your loss. We are honored that you are considering Bella Luna for your burial at sea and ash scattering service. The ocean and seas may have special meaning to the deceased. Our loved ones may have spent part of their lives as a mariner, naval personnel, have a love for ocean life, or a love for the environment and don't want to leave a carbon footprint on the earth. Whatever the reason, we are here to honor the last wishes for a burial at sea.

We welcome up to 40 of your friends and family aboard Bella Luna for the voyage:

  • the ash scattering ceremony,
  • and if you choose, a Celebration of Life after the ceremony.

Military Burials at Sea on Bella Luna Yacht

We understand that planning a military burial at sea can be difficult in times of deep sorrow. Therefore, our compassionate captain and his crew will do everything possible to ease the process for you.

We perform military funeral services on Bella Luna with the utmost care and professionalism, following local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

We know each family has its traditions and preferences, and we are prepared to meet their needs. The burial can precede a military ceremony, including a full honor guard flag presentation. If requested, we can provide the following additional services:

  • an officiant for the funeral
  • transportation to and from the marina
  • catering services
  • live singing performances and bagpipes
  • Celebration of Life voyage

Please call us for any details, so we can take care of every detail and plan a funeral ceremony that meets your expectations.

We provide our burials at sea and ash scattering charters with the same full service as any of our other charters

Captain John has been welcoming families aboard Bella Luna for a memorable voyage off the coast of San Diego into the Pacific Ocean to see their dearly departed to their final resting place since Bella Luna has been in service (2016).

Burials at sea is a specialized service that we provide and there are several variables you may want to consider. We understand that booking online may be somewhat impersonal for this occasion. Please call us directly for questions and consultation. We are happy to assist with optional catering, an officiant, transportation, beautiful live singing performances, bagpipes, or an extended Celebration of Life voyage.

We are also able to assist you in arranging a military burial at sea with full honor guard flag presentation and bugle. Captain John is also one of the ONLY Captains in San Diego that will assist you in facilitating a full body burial at sea if that is an option you wish to discuss. We also have other boats and yachts available to accommodate other needs if necessary. Capt. John also has colleagues who can assist with your mortuary or cremation needs if you'd like.

Call us for questions and reservations by phone. Again, we will be happy to call and consult with you best to suit your needs in your time of mourning. You can also visit FuneralsAtSea.com, which is a website we built specifically for this service.

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