Bachelorette Parties on Bella Luna Yacht

Everybody talks about the "Big Day".

But we know... You're the Queen!

You don't just celebrate ONE day for anything. You have a "birthday month," don't you?

Why should your wedding be any different. Oh, no, ladies! The proposal, the bachelorette party, the planning, up to the wedding, it'll be a season.

  • Get your girls together, get on board the Bella Luna bachelorette party yacht, and show everyone you're doing everything in style!
  • For an extra special bachelorette party idea, ask us to invite a nauti man candy to serve your drinks!

What makes Bella Luna the best bachelorette party yacht on San Diego Bay?

Bella Luna has more deck space than the average yacht her size, and larger. She also has one of the best sound systems on the water and her upper deck makes for a great dance floor. Lock in your playlist, pump up the volume, let the champagne and wine flow and show your girlfriends a time they'll never forget. Bella Luna bachelorette yacht parties are a certain way to make amazing memories!

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