Honoring the Sacrifice Of Our Heroes - Military Sea Burials on Bella Luna

Our military burial honors are a testament to the profound respect we hold for the sacrifices made by our heroes. At Bella Luna Yacht, we provide personalized military burials at sea that pay tribute to the service of our country's veterans and active military personnel.

A military burial at sea is a solemn ceremony with a profound spiritual significance and involves disposing of the deceased's remains in the ocean.

Although many people believe that sea burials existed only in the past, it is still a common practice in many cultures. Many of our veterans and military personnel are buried with military honors at sea and the funeral is held whether on a Navy ship or a civilian yacht.

A preplanned military burial at sea on Bella Luna Yacht

For many veterans especially those who served in the United States Marine Corps and Navy SEALs and had a profound love and attachment to the ocean this option is still widely used today. Military burials at sea on civilian boats are a legal alternative to traditional burials in cemeteries. These funerals are always performed in accordance with specific local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Recently, we had a military burial on Bella Luna that was planned by the veteran in advance. It was a thoughtful decision to spare his family from the burden of the stressful funeral planning during their grieving time.

Planning his funeral in advance made it possible for him to decide how to end his journey in this world, from choosing the location of his funeral to adding specific elements to the ceremony that resonates with his legacy.

By pre-planning a funeral service, the veteran wished to express that the burial of his final remains would be a testament to his profound love for the ocean. This also made it possible for him to incorporate personal elements in the ceremony, that are meaningful to his loved ones - his favorite musical piece, photographs, and videos - and provide comfort and solace to his family.

Our dedicated team, with years of experience and a deep understanding of the importance of military burials at sea, went over and beyond to provide a farewell that honored the deceased and expressed the gratitude and respect we have for him and all the other veterans who served our country.

Military funeral services on Bella Luna Yacht

We understand that the period of mourning can be emotionally overwhelming. Therefore, we provide personalized funeral services that honor the memory of the deceased while bringing comfort to grieving families and friends.

We are fully aware that each family has its own needs and preferences and our team is dedicated to meeting their wishes with respect and compassion in all aspects of the funeral services.

At Bella Luna Yacht we always keep our standards high and do our job with professionalism and responsibility to ensure stress-free and effective burial planning, allowing families to focus on cherishing their loved one's memory without the burden of logistic details. The ocean has a special place in our hearts, we fully understand those who have shared the same love and wish to have their final remains buried in the deep blue waves and we do all in our power to honor their last wishes.